Sunday, December 18, 2011

Amanda Burden Evil witch commissioner City Planning Nouvelle Rich

Amanda the People’s Burden is the worst City Planner commissioner ever in NYC’s history

 but what can you expect from a socialite born with a platinium spoon in her mouth.

The People’s Burden-- Amanda’s  face is tighter than a drum and I would tell you

so is her heart but she does not have one.   This is not like the Grinch Who

Stole Christmas -- there is no redemption for Amanda Burden.   She is going to get a prime
real estate in Hell but she will have plenty of company.

Evil Witch the People’s Burden can have her face tightened and wrinkles ironed -- photo air brushed but
her sins can’t be treated the same.

I guess having so much mega-bucks so early in life can destroy the development

of one’s heart and soul?

She compensates by aiding her connected friends in the most corrupt slimy zone busting 
real estate developments destroying and displacing communities at  record level
making her and Bloomberg responsible for the most displacement since The American 
Indians.   Burden only rules in favor of zone busting community crushing builds
for the mega-rich and like Mitchell Manure shoveling Moss a paid flunkie of
NYU and Rudin --- pure anti-middle class and poor -- really a hatred -- they want
NYC to be a city of only rich people and NYU students.   Even stupid rich people
need a hospital and Burden, Bloomberg, Stringer and Quinn are leaving the West Village, Chelsea on down with no full service hospital.

Bill Rudin is a  bad bad xerox of his Sam Rudin who would never ever allow luxury condos to be built where a hospital was.

Amanda Burden, along with the Rudin Family, Christine Quinn, Scott Stringer,  Tom Duane etc 
message to the NYPD -- if you are shot in the West Village good luck making it
to Beth Israel.    To a baby or to a granny in the West Village the message is drop dead.

The vile creature posing as a human Amanda the People’s Burden will not give us
protecting zoning where St. Vincent’s was so only a hospital could be built there.

By the way, Charlie Rose is Mike Bloomberg’s Ken doll and Mike finances his career.

Happily, I lead a dull life. I like to lie in my hammock swatting mosquitoes and then watch City Planning Commission hearings on CityTV, New York City’s own television station (which is the subject of a brilliant expose of its logrolling corruption by Tom Robbins in the current Village Voice). The Planning Commission is chaired by the late CBS boss William Paley’s stepdaughter, Amanda Burden, widow of Vanderbilt heir Carter Burden, former consort of Ted Kennedy (long ago) and Charlie Rose, and best friend of Mayor Forever Mike Bloomberg.

Teddy Kennedy Last Man On Earth Qualified To Question Ethics ...
There may be a more disgusting, nauseating spectacle than Teddy Kennedy sitting ...Ted called his girlfriend Helga before he or anyone even told me that was going on. ...her husband's highly publicized affair with socialite Amanda Burden...
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