Monday, September 10, 2012

Christine Quinn Sept. 11 No St. Vincent's Hospital The Scandals Grow Along with Cover-ups

The evil witch Amanda the People's Burden could have given us protective zoning for St. Vincent's Hospital but she didn't.

No place to mourn -- remember all the photos....remember loved ones desperate hopes --- no place to stand and remember....

Oh and who knew Cy Vance and the US Attorney have give Christine Quinn and Mike Bloomberg unofficial immunity....well during the Haggerty trial Cy Vance had to come out of the closet and give Bloomberg and all his deputy mayors and staff immunity and none waived it.

Cy Vance where is the prosecution of St.  Vincent's Crooks?
Why isn't Christine Quinn leaning on Cy to prosecute St. V crooks?
Hardee har.....

Let's ask Bill Rudin and Emily Giske -- Quinn's special pals for comments.  We know what Mike would say --- no comment.   Mike silent on this and Vito Lopez.

Note:  Remember St. Vincent's Cross?   Hey Rosie O'Donnell an Christine Quinn -- any comment

Hey Christine Quinn and Bloomberg any comment on fracking in the West Village, no trauma level 1 hospital with no AIDS care or Rape Crisis Center?

Where do you stand on Rudin family greed?

I thought not.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Amanda Burden Packing Tape Plastic Surgery Parody Worse City Planner Ever YouTube Coming

stay tuned

Amanda Burden Could have given us Protective Zoning St. Vincent's Hospital

Amanda the People's Burden always gives the green light to zone bust for her rich pals and they head top universities -- she did so to tear down St. Ann's 120 E 12 for NYU and the USPS sold the air rights illegally.

She does it over and over like she did for St. Vincent's for the Rudins...

Re: Chuck Meara ambulance Foil 8/6/12 6:30 am

 Ali: Please forward to Chuck Meara

 Thank you

 To: Christine Quinn and Chuck Meara After our meeting, a few months later, Chuck Meara and I spoke on the steps of City Hall (- I was there with Local 375 DC37 -) re: ambulance scandal 250 Broadway voter lock-out Chuck admitted there was confusion with his NYPD liaison at the First Precinct and acknowledged now there was an ambulance but still refused to admit the ambulance took 1/2 hour.

 I now have the FOIL report and even the reason the ambulance took so long. The NYPD made me wait a very long time but the answer is the ambulance went to the wrong address! Was it human error or our flawed 2 billion 14 million dollars  ECTP 911 tech system as noted in the NY Post the EMS tech system flatlined again July of this year as well as Oct 2011?

 Was it both human error and a tech glitch? The foil report confirms what Dr Kaufman and Nurse Dunne well respected members of St Vincent's hospital will confirm in a court of law and in writing if need be.

 The ambulance took a 1/2 hour.

 You have my lawyer Norman Siegel's contact info

 Note: If Rosie O'Donnel was at her Rudin hospital condo when her heart troubled ensued her children could have lost her because there is no Trauma Level 1 hospital in the same way Richard Schierer, Rudy Giuliani's top guys, died in the ambulance to Beth Israel. We look forward to a response on the ambulance scandal and whether you can tell us was it a tech glitch, human error or both as well as other answers to our Talking Points from our City Hall meeting also posted on my blogs.   As you know this email also will be posted on my blog later today.

 We look forward to answers and basic rights to health care President Obama says are ours which your own district including Rescue Workers who have dangerous (fixed typo) jobs are deprived of since there is no hospital!!!

 Doesn't that include a hospital now for your own community. Rudin luxury condos do not do CPR. I pray there is no terror attack on the 11 year anniversary of 9-11; the exact amount of years between WTC attacks. St Vincent's was open and up until this year served as a memorial like the many fire houses now shuttered that responded courageously with open brave hearts now closed this 9-11.   The workers of St V -- many are still unemployed with actual employment in NY possibly as high as 17 percent not 10!

 Where is the criminal investigation in to the St Vincent's crooks and why aren't you pressuring Cy Vance?  These are just some questions your District, the Rescue Workers, the entire City would like answered and your opponents running for mayor.

 Thank you, Suzannah B. Troy
 Sent from my iPhone Typed with one finger on phone... Extreme exhaustion.

Interesting Christine Quinn has the millions in her war chest to be mayor, more than anyone and the media has blacked all this out! Scroll down on the link below to me with foil letter from NYPD 1 police plaza. I felt happy to finally have an answer. I gave u this link to see just a few other issues I am fighting for The People of NYC.

Video of me as 75 year old man collapses.

No Quinn or her huge staff anywhere to be seen. I am dressed like Quinn to underscore her abandonment of her own district. 

Good kind NYPD Sgt Anderson from the 6th Precinct called 911 for me.   DI  Ed Winski was in charge that morning and there were NYPD from 06 as well.     See photo - yet Quinn and Meara at the meeting City Hall refused to believe the ambulance was even called! I even have video of the 75 year old man collapsing I did not post.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Protest against media bias of Carolyn Ryan and The New York Times that p...

Read The NY Times puff piece on amanda burden but oops they couldn't hide her 40 million dollar trust fund for her kiddies! No wonder she treats people except her kids the way she does.

Lucky they do not need a hospital....Amanda the People's Burden could have given us protective zoning for a hospital where St. Vincent's was.

I fought with her on the phone to try and get us protective zoning for St. Ann's.

She is a horror show!

Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carolyn Ryan the out of town Lesbian who makes sure all critics are stopped and frisked prevented from posting comments and killer of all important news stories that damn Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cooper Union Greed Stupidity & Willfully Obtuse Students

The newest corrupt illegal build on behalf of Cooper Union an evil real estate magnate 2nd to NYU in the East Village destroying our neighborhood is the tear down of the little science building to supersize illegally and profit as a landlord just like the mirrored  building across the street where if you bought a condo you bought it on land leased property owned by CU.
Only Amanda Burden would have okayed such an illegal hideous zone busting build that reflects a history destroyed and a community no longer welcome and why is that?

Cooper Union with mayor Bloomberg and Amanda the People's Burden the most evil city planner are so guilty of harming our community and Cooper Union hugely benefits from our tax payer money and destroying our community

Hey folks who pays for all the repairs to infrastructure damage as well as expansion for their's NYU, The New School, SVA and NY Law dorms illegal zone busting builds so the college kids can pretend they are like the tv show Friends and party on.

Read these disgraceful comments from yet another cowardly student.

One engineering student, an engineering student wrote me I was indeed correct.  His or her's class actually investigated my assertions because of this YouTube and I was correct.

I believe my YouTube forced Cooper Union to step up to the plate and the corrupt illegal super sizing was delayed 2 years.    I also was part of a group that exposed and shamed Cooper Union in to actually putting a floor in for education in the newest illegal zone busting build that Rudy Giuliani's city planner would never have approved.

He described Cooper Union's actions as a shell game.

Cooper Union students mouth off to me but they aren't well to lift a finger or even a protest sign to help the community.  Party on.
YouTubehelp center | e-mail options | report spam | unsubscribe
I can say that the school of architecture at CU (where I am a student) has always been against the “greedy and capitalist” architecture you describe. I suggest you do some research before publicly accusing someone of anything. Don’t believe me? Look at the anti-tuition and anti-capitalist protests CU students have been organizing. If you are concerned about problems stop accusing and start thinking about solutions and share them. The world has enough hate in it already.

I can say that the school of architecture at CU (where I am a student) has always been against the “greedy and capitalist” architecture you describe. I suggest you do some research before publicly accusing someone of anything. Don’t believe me? Look at the anti-tuition and anti-capitalist protests CU students have been organizing. If you are concerned about problems stop accusing and start thinking about solutions and share them. The world has enough hate in it already.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity yet again to show how undeserving people like you are as well as willfully obtuse or stupid. Thanks to my work, Cooper Union was exposed and had to delay the newest corrupt dangerous build because the water main breaks, gas leaks and sewage breaks were hard to ignore like you disgraceful comments!
Will post on my blogs to remind people Cooper Union, NYU jr. evil corrupt illegal builds zone busting on old infrastructure like the mega dorm
part & do nothing to help the community they are responsible in part for crushing because they do nothing to fight Cooper Union's community crushing creed and illegal zone busting dangerous builds except enjoy the pleasures of their greedy and dangerous stupidity. Go party on & if you every find some courage and humanity tell us your real
I wish I could prevent anyone from contacting me unless they have the courage to use their real name but they haven't figure out how to put it in pill and charge lots of money.

Christine Quinn did nothing to help us.  She is a bigger real estate whore than Melinda Katz and gets kickbacks aka campaign donations from all the big universities because she is "mrs. Bloomberg" his mini-me even when she play good cop bad cop she is full of it and in bed with every greedy community crushing development.  All smoke and mirrors for the greedy rich including evil real estate magnates posing as higher education when they are about illegal zone busting greed.  They even use the term "community facility" to exclude the community yet again as well as crush the community and their foolish ignorant students post these comments showing they don't deserve the education in our neighborhoods. Party on college kids.  

The drug dealers welcome you, the bars, and banks all there for your pleasure but the community not as enthusiastic!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Amanda Burden As Evil as or more so Christine Quinn Trying to Kill Seniors That Won't Vote For Her by Making them Stand outside for hours in freezing cold to testify they want a full service Hospital?

If you can't see Donny Moss's post here than you can go to face book.   My post from earlier is at the bottom as well as Bold Progress's report.

I was at City Hall by 7:30ish and made it to 250 Broadway by 7:45 and I froze my tatas off and left just before Donny got there.  I do want to point out that the NYPD were Peaceful and respectful.    We didn't need all the police presence but all was peaceful and the NYPD were not the problem but the private security for 250 Broadway along with Quinn and Rudin and I have links to Quinn NYU and The Villager pulling same dirty tricks a the bottom of the post.

75-Year Old Man Collapses and Hundreds, including Elderly, are Left Outside in the Cold

In spite of pleas from her constituents to hold the public hearing about St. Vincent's Hospital in a room large enough to accommodate the hundreds of people expected to attend, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn assigned the hearing to a room that could hold only 40 people.

As a result, hundreds of people, many of whom were elderly, were left standing outside in the frigid weather for hours behind barricades surrounded by at least a dozen police officers.  At 9:30 a.m., a 75-year old man collapsed and was taken away in an ambulance.

St. vincent's hearing
Hundreds told they would not be allowed inside to testify

police city hall
Was the NYPD expecting riots at a public hearing?

Christine Quinn, whose district includes St. Vincent's Hospital, purposely held this hearing in a small room to prevent hundreds of people from testifying against the plan to allow one of her biggest campaign donors, the Rudins, to build a luxury high-rise condo on the St. Vincent's site, which was zoned for community use.   

While hundreds waited outside in the cold, Rudin's cohorts were escorted into the building -- ahead of all of the people who had been standing in line.   

In response to a question from NYC resident Louis Flores who asked why people were being shut out of the public hearing, the head of Quinn's "Community Outreach Unit," Tony Simone, stated that all questions had to be directed to Speaker Quinn's press office. So much for community outreach....

By 11:30 a.m., four hours after people started to line up, all but about 50 people exited the barricades after being told that they weren't going to be given the chance to testify at this public hearing.

In the video below, Tom Allon, the publisher of Manhattan Media and a 2013 Mayoral candidate, states, "This is not democracy. This is a sham." He also states, "Right across the street is the City Council Chamber that has hundreds of seats...They were trying very deliberately to keep this under wraps."

Tom Allon
Click picture to watch video

Quinn's decision to sacrifice the health and safety of her constituents in order to repay her real estate donors is unethical and reckless.  And the fact that she forced hundreds of New Yorkers, including elderly people, to stand outside in the cold for hours as a strategy to silence them is downright cruel and undemocratic . . . and typical of Christine Quinn. 

Also typical of Quinn was her decision to hold this public hearing on Super Tuesday, when the news media would be too focused on the Presidential election to cover this local story. 

Please share this information with your friends and colleagues who vote in NYC.

If you would like to participate in the protest against Christine Quinn on Thursday morning at the Greenwich Village/Chelsea Chamber of Commerce breakfast, please send me an email.

For more information, please see "Christine Quinn: Behind the Smile"

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Note: From Suzannah
Christine Quinn wants to kill off elderly voters she knows will vote against her -- what else could explain such vile abuse of her own District!

My post from this morning!!!!  I have interviews short ones with Andrew Berman and Yetta Kurland!

I interview Norman Siegel famed Civil Rights Lawyer!
NYU The Villager Christine Quinn -- the debate with Kurland and Derr --- Illusion of Democracy not Democracy.

Typical Christine Quinn and her evil supporters -- watch as NYU denies this handicap community member...  G-d forbid anyone treated her senior family members that way.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Amanda Burden to West Side Drop Dead

Amanda Burden -- called socialite city planner -- the Cathie Black of City Planning -- a narcissist megalomanic was none to pleased with activists sitting in the front row with signs stating Burden to West Side DROP DEAD!